Who is Travelcoup?

We are a team of travel enthusiasts. We believe that travel planning online is less time-consuming and more convenient than traditional offline planning. Although progress has been made in individual categories, we believe that there is still a long way to go before booking a cruise along with all possible additional components such as flights, excursions and hotels can REALLY be conveniently organized online without the customer needing to compare a large number of websites and offers.

As a result, we have made it our mission to always be there for you as you plan your dream journey. And we do so in a way that ensures everything fits to your tastes and your budget and is as comfortable and as easy as if a personal concierge who has known you for a long time has set it up.

We created Travelcoup because we want to make this mission a reality. We blend expert knowledge and local presence with state-of-the-art technology to enable travelers to organize the perfect, fully personalized journey as quickly and easily as possible.

Travelcoup offers a very large and varied range of ocean and river cruises. Most well-known shipping companies can be booked directly with just a few clicks. Our platform also uses your travel preferences to choose, from the infinite number of options, only those that fit you perfectly. You have a selection of cruises, hotels and local activities in seconds, and we are continually expanding our travel offerings. Rest assured that our local travel experts will review, preselect and categorize all content so that you are only offered what really fits your preferences.

Avoid spending hours reading guides, searching for local tours, asking cumbersome questions at travel agents, and researching hotels at the destination. Stop worrying about where to sleep and what to do during your stay. We are there for you and are not just looking for the right cruise for you but the complete package to fulfil your expectations and allow you to experience the vacation of a lifetime.

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