FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to accept discounts in advisory quality at Travelcoup?

Definitely no. We attach great importance to very good advice and prompt service to help you find the perfect product for you. Take the time and browse in peace on our website. Just use the contact options via email or phone if you have questions about the cruise and / or any other travel component.

Will my club member status be recognized?

Of course. If you have already been on a cruise and are a member of a customer club, you will receive a discount on future bookings, provided a discount is offered by the respective shipping company for the selected trip. Please simply enter your club membership number in our booking form or let us know your club details by phone or email.

Are there any other discounts possible?

The prices shown by Travelcoup from the shipping companies already include all discounts offered including early booking discount / special prices etc of the respective organizer. We have thus been able to ensure the greatest possible transparency so that you can compare the lowest bid price easily and conveniently with the catalog prices (if available). In addition, our team will negotiate additional exclusive special offers for you so that you have the widest possible selection of very good offers. Thus, there is nothing in the way of maximum savings.

What possibilities of payment do you offer?

It depends on whether the payment is made to the organizer through Travelcoup or directly with the organizer (this will inform you at the time of booking.) All bookings for which we take care of the booking process can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

Does Travelcoup offer a price guarantee?

The prices for cruises are given by the shipping companies / organizers and are generally the same everywhere. Should you still find a cheaper price than with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our utmost to offer you this price as well.

Is my money secured with you?

Depending on the organizer, payments are made through us or directly to the organizer. In case of doubt, you can show the already received booking confirmation / invoice to us. The risk of default is borne by the organizer, who has deliberately decided to settle the bill through our travel agency.

In cases where Travelcoup itself is the organizer, you will receive from us the legally required security certificate according to $ 651k BGB. The security certificate is a proof for you that Travelcoup has taken out a bankruptcy insurance and therefore your funds are safe.

How do I best inform you about entry requirements?

Current entry and health regulations for German citizens can be found on this website:

Auswärtiges Amt: www.auswaertiges-amt.de

IATA Travel Center: www.iatatravelcentre.com

Citizens of other nationalities are advised to check with your authorities.

How do I find information about vaccination regulations?

Current travel medical information can be found at

Center for Travel Medicine: www.crm.de

If yellow fever vaccination is required, your organizer will inform you separately.

Can I take my pet?

No. Animals of all kinds are not allowed on board.

Do you save the terms and conditions and / or the contract text for every booking?

After completion of the fixed booking we will send you a booking confirmation by email with all essential contract data. These are stored with us, so that you can request a current booking confirmation at any time. The terms and conditions are not stored by us individually for each booking. Please save them if necessary or print them out.

What is the best way to get to the ship?

In order to get to your starting port or to get back home from your destination port, there are various possibilities. For cruises from / to Germany or the surrounding area, such as the Netherlands, Italy, France, etc., it may be advisable to travel by private car and rent a parking space on site. Provided the start and destination ports are identical. Often, shipping companies offer parking near the ports. Of course, there are also external providers; Here usually a short search on the internet or of course a demand with us helps. By train you can also travel to your cruise. Please inquire with us in this regard, if the organizer offers a train arrival / departure, because we can not book train travel for you.

If your own car or train is not possible or not suitable for you, cruises within Germany or the surrounding area will leave you with the possibility to travel by bus or book a flight. The bus arrival / departure we can inquire about the organizer for you, on flights you can choose between an organizer offer, an offer from us (TravelcoupCruise) or you book them on your own. Here are the flight times in particular, as you have a booked journey via Travelcoupcruise or on your own no claim to lost benefits, should your arrival have a delay.
If you have any questions about this topic, we are happy to answer your questions.

Is it possible to travel by ship as a family with children?

A very clear yes! More and more shipping companies are investing in special activities for young and younger guests on board. There are special children's clubs and separate care, depending on the age of the children. Gradually, shipping companies also offer special children's prices, especially at holiday times. It is also possible to book entire cabins for a "children's holiday price". Talk to us here, we will help you in choosing the right ship for you and your family.

Is a cruise suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes! A cruise may be ideal for a bound to a wheelchair person as this form of travel offers the opportunity to visit many places in a relatively short time and to achieve especially effortless. Especially the newer and larger ships were built with the aim to be fully accessible for wheelchair users. These ships have wider corridors, more spacious cabins, more and larger elevators and ramps. In any case, you must specify when booking that you are restricted in your movement, so that the shipping company to adjust to your needs and can take appropriate precautions. Many shipping companies require a statement or confirmation from your doctor that you are physically fit and able to travel. Sometimes it also requires a confirmation that you need a wheelchair accessible cabin, which is then gladly reserved upon availability. Some shipping companies provide transportation for passengers who are unable to use ordinary means of transport between the airport and the ship. If there is a transfer in your trip anyway, this additional service will not be charged extra. You should bring your own wheelchair on board. Many wheelchair users, who often travel themselves, recommend the purchase of a special, narrower wheelchair. The original (copy) of a disabled ID may be required before or during the reservation so that the shipping company be able to log a suitably equipped for you cabin binding.

May I get pregnant on a ship?

This is not a problem until around the 24th week of pregnancy (depending on the shipping company). After that, the shipping companies, similar to the airlines, no longer transport expectant mothers. It is possible that you will be asked for a medical certificate.

How can I book shore excursions and how do I know where to go?

The shore excursions of the shipping company can only be booked via their own websites or on board. There is a separate counter on board, where you can view and book the offers.

Alternatively, you can of course visit our own excursions from our website and book with us. This has the great advantage that you can get everything from one source and beforehand look forward to the landings.

My English is not that good. Can I manage on board anyway?

On many ships you also get along well with German. As a rule, foreign shipping companies always have German-speaking staff who, according to experience, are very helpful.

How does it work with the tip?

For most shipping companies, the tip will be charged to the boarding account. Of course you can contradict that if you were not satisfied with the service.

Where can I turn for complaints?

Travelcoup is your first contact for all matters relating to your booked trip. If we can not actually provide you with information directly, we will arrange the appropriate contact with the specialist department of the organizer; For example, for questions about payments for direct collection bookings. Complaints or complaints will be forwarded in your name to the appropriate department of the organizer. Please note the legal requirements and deadlines in relation to a display of defects, if your complaint is made after the cruise to us / the organizer.

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